Following the successful founding meeting of EFFECT on 3-5 February in Leuven, Belgium, the first scientific meeting was convened on 18 September 2006 at the Regina Hotel, Paris.

During the scientific session 8 speakers held their presentations: Max Fink on ‘ECT responsive syndromes: melancholia, delirium, catatonia’, Declan McLoughlin on ‘A randomised controlled trial with six-month follow-up with rTMS and ECT for severe depression’, Thomas Baghai on ‘ACE gene polymorphism and speed of response to ECT’, Maeve Mangaoang on ‘Adverse cognitive effects, cognitive rehabilitation, and attitudes towards ECT’, Chris Freeman on ‘Raising Standards of ECT practice: two national projects’, Björn Wahlund on ‘fMRI changes following ECT in affective disorders’, Athanasios Koukopoulos on ‘ECT for treatment of a malignant chronic form of depression’, Gábor Gazdag on ‘ECT survey in Hungary and future European ECT survey’.


Austria: Andreas Erfurth;
Belgium: Filip Bouckaert, Katrien Callens, Jürgen de Fruyt, Erik Debersaques, Michel Dierick, Carlo Dufour, Benedicte Hagon, Andre Hagon, Griet Langsweirdt, Lieve Lemey, Malvina Liekens, Wim van Riet, Pascal Sienaert (treasurer), Hans Vandenameele;
Denmark: Tom Bolwig (president);
France: William de Carvalho, Jean-Marie Vanelle; Germany: Thomas Baghai, Ralf Berninger, Eva-Lotta Brakemeier, Here Folkerts, Nikolaus Michael, Peter Zwanzger;
Greece: Stella Kalliora, Iannis Zervas;
Hungary: Gábor Gazdag;
Ireland: Sheelagh Beatty, Chiara Besani, Thomas Grimm, Jim Lucey, Maeve Mangaoang, Ray O’Toole, Gavin Rush, Noel Sheppard;
Italy: Athanasios Koukopoulos, Pierpaolo Medda, Giampaolo Minnai, Pier Giorgio Salis, Gabrielle Sani;
Netherlands: Tom Birkenhäger, Walter van den Broek, King Han Kho (secretary), Eshter Pluijms, Didi Rhebergen, Harm Pieter Spaans, Max Stek, Esmee Verwijk;
Portugal: Berta Ferreira;
Sweden: Donald Lillich, Björn Wahlund (chairman);
United Kingdom: Farooq Ahmad, Rebecca Auton, Susan Benbow, Joanne Cresswell, Jill Emerson, Chris Freeman, Chloë Hood, Girish Kunigiri, Declan McLoughlin, Lauren Rayner, Sandra Almeida.
United States: Robert Greenberg, Max Fink, Charles Kellner;

Pascal Sienaert

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