ECT is hot @ WFSBP Copenhagen 2017

ECT is hot @ WFSBP Copenhagen 2017


Several symposia, including a high number of EFFECT-members, are accepted for the WFSBP meeting in june 2017.

On June 18 (14:30 h) Grözinger and Frieling (Germany) co-chair a symposium on ‘Effects and Side-effects of ECT’

  • Effects of ECT on the oxygen saturation in the frontal brain (M. Grözinger, Germany)
  • DNA methylation of P11/S100A10: A putative marker of response to ECT? (H. Frieling, Germany)
  • ECT enhances amyloid ß 1-42 in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with major depression (A. Sartorius, Germany)
  • EFFECT-Dep Trial (ISRCTN23577151): Immediate and long-term cognitive outcomes (D. McLoughlin, Ireland)

On June 19 (11:15 h) Y.-S. Kim (Republic of Korea) and P. Sienaert (Belgium) are co-chairing a workshop about the ‘current status of ECT in the treatment of major psychiatric disorders’.

  • Current Status on Efficacy of ECT (H.M. Jensen, Denmark)
  • Mechanism of ECT focused on Psychosis (U.-G. Kang, Republic of Korea)
  • ECT for the Treatment Resistant Psychosis (I.-W. Chung, Republic of Korea)
  • ECT in catatonia (P. Sienaert, Belgium)

June 20 (15:00 h) D. McLoughlin (Ireland) and P. Sienaert (Belgium) are co-chairing a symposium about ‘ECT for depression – optimizing treatment and maintaining recovery’.

  • The KEEP-WELL Trial: Ketamine for depression relapse prevention following ECT (NCT02414932) D. McLoughlin (Ireland)
  • Immediate and long-term outcomes for Brief-pulse vs Ultrabrief-pulse unilateral ECT: The ResPECT trials’ experience. P. Sienaert (Belgium)
  • Pre- and post-ECT cognitive performance as predictors for outcome and relapse in depression (NTR1304). E. Verwijk (The Netherlands)
  • The PRIDE Trial – Prolonging remission in depressed elderly (NCT01028508): Results from the randomised phase (C. Kellner, USA)

After this, at 17:00 a final symposium (‘ECT: beyond depression’) is chaired by Georgios Petrides (USA) and William McDonald (USA).

  • ECT for the treatment of catatonia. T. Bolwig (Denmark)
  • ECT in autism spectrum disorders: Catatonia and beyond. L. Wachtel (USA)
  • ECT for agitation in elderly patients with dementia. A. Hermida (USA)
  • ECT-related mortality rates; S. Dinesen Østergaard (Denmark)

During this meeting, on WEDNESDAY JUNI 21 a separate meeting of EFFECT is planned as well! An exceptional chance to learn and to meet ECT-colleagues!

Pascal Sienaert