European Forum For Electroconvulsive Therapy
27th ISEN Meeting, San Diego, May 21st

27th ISEN Meeting, San Diego, May 21st

The ISEN Meeting will take place in San Diego, MAY  21ST, 2017  at THE WESTIN SAN DIEGO GASLAMP QUARTER HOTEL.

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8:30 a.m. Morning Symposium—Understanding and Improving the Cognitive Outcomes of ECT [Colleen Loo, MBBS, FRANZCP, MD—Chair]

- Cognitive Effects of ECT: A Patient’s Perspective [Carol Kivler, MS, CSP, CMT]

- Overview of Cognitive Effects After a Course of ECT: Evidence From Meta-Analysis of Studies [Declan McLoughlin, PhD MRCPI MRCPsych, FTCD]

- ECT Treatment Approaches and Effects on Cognition [Shawn McClintock, PhD, MSCS]

- Practical Clinical Tools for Monitoring Cognition During the Course of ECT [Donel Martin, PhD]

- Development of a New Clinical Scale for Measuring Cognitive Outcomes After ECT [Adriana Hermida, MD]

11:00 a.m. Panel Discussion [Morning Symposium Speakers]

11:45 a.m. Lunch (Lunch Provided; Visit Exhibitors)

1:00 p.m. Concurrent Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Workshop—Anesthesia in ECT [Randall Espinoza, MD, MPH—Chair]

• The Peri-Operative Surgical Home for ECT: An Opportunity for Improving Patient and Service Outcomes [E. Chiewlin Liew, MD, FRCA]

• Anesthesiology Management of the ECT Patient: New Questions, New Answers [Mariya Svilik, MD]

• Rethinking Anesthetic Medications in ECT: Potential Implications for Mood, Seizure Characteristics, and Cognition [Randall Espinoza MD, MPH]

• How Monitoring the Time Interval Between Anesthetic Induction and the ECT Stimulus Can Improve ECT Treatment [Colleen Loo, MBBS, FRANZCP, MD]

Workshop—TMS and New Brain Stimulation Treatments [Shirlene Sampson, MD]

• New Developments in TMS: TBS, Novel Stimulation Targets [Jonathon Downar, MD, PhD]

• Update on DBS in Depression and OCD [Darin D. Dougherty, MD, MMSc]

• Focal Electrically Assisted Seizure Therapy – A New Form of Convulsive Treatment? [Harold Sackeim, PhD]

 Research Symposium—Insights from ECT Neuroimaging [Joan Prudic; Randall Espinoza, MD, MPH—Co-Chair]

• Review of Longitudinal Resting State fMRI and Electrical Modeling of ECT [Miklos Argyelan, MD]

• The Clinical and Neurocognitive Impact of Targeted Medial Temporal Lobe

Engagement as a Function of Pulse Amplitude [Christopher Abbott, MD, MS]

• Neural Mechanisms Predictive of Sustained Response to ECT [Benjamin Wade, PhD]

• Can Network Connectivity as Measured by fMRI Discriminate Responsiveness to Convulsive Treatment? [Joan Prudic, MD]

• ECT in Era of New Brain Stimulation Treatments [Harold Sackeim, PhD]

• Journal of ECT Best Paper Presentation: Seizure Adequacy Markers and The

Prediction of Electroconvulsive Therapy Response [Alessandra Minelli, PhD]